Medallion at Menards Cabinets
Medallion at Menards Cabinets

Baking and Cooking

A spice drawer insert keeps spices accessible and within reach. Drawer dividers organize pans and make it easy to grab what you need. Instantly add counter space with a pull-out table.

Food and Pantry

No more digging for cans and jars, the pantry cabinet displays these items for easy use. Deep roll-out trays offer more storage for bulky items.

Cleaning Center

A sink base door rack keeps cleaning supplies in place. Grocery bag storage mounted to the back of a door is convenient and accessible.

Office and Entertainment

Adjustable drawer inserts allow you to tailor drawer space to your needs. A charging station concealed in a cabinet keeps cords clutter-free.


Maximize drawer space with a tiered cutlery divider. Adjustable peg drawer dividers keep dishware tidy at a convenient height.


Eliminate counter clutter and tangled cords by storing hair dryers, flat irons and other supplies in the salon styling center. Pull out hamper tucks away behind cabinet door.