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Available in Knotty Alder and Quartersawn Oak

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  • Knotty Alder Knotty Alder
  • Quartersawn Oak Quartersawn Oak


Glaze And Highlight


Glaze And Highlight

Paint on Quartersawn Oak


Paint on Knotty Alder


Knotty Alder

Quartersawn Oak

  • Solid wood door frame with mortise and tenon assembly.
  • Rails of five piece doors and drawer fronts feature a routed ‘step’ design.
  • Five piece doors over 54″ high receive a center horizontal rail.
  • Decorative hardware required;

Knotty Alder Details

  • Center panels of doors and drawer fronts are reverse raised solid wood; exterior maintains flat center panel appearance.
  • Knots may be in locations that affect placement of decorative hardware.

Quartersawn Oak Details

  • Back of center panels on five piece doors and drawer fronts is consistently ‘Grade A’ red oak; however, cut of material varies using flat sawn, rift sawn and quartersawn veneers.