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Walk-In Pantry Cabinet

Conceal a walk-in pantry with a cabinet that mimics the appearance of a tall pantry cabinet. As timeless as it is trend-forward, integrating the pantry entrance into the cabinetry streamlines the overall aesthetic with a polished, custom look.

Mobile Devices Charging Drawer

Hide the cords and clutter! Keep your phones and tablets charged and hidden out of sight, yet aways handy inside this base kitchen cabinet drawer. Includes integrated USB and standard 110 A/C power outlets.

Three-In-One Refuse

Trash, recycling, and compost, all get tucked away neatly into this slide-out base cabinet.

Multi-Level Spice Rack

Give your wall kitchen cabinets the upper hand with this tiered spice rack organizer.

Pull-Down Shelf

Pull Down Shelf

A clever solution to maximize the storage in your upper kitchen cabinets. No more stools or step ladders to retrieve items stored on upper shelves!

Hidden Tip-Out Sink Base Storage

The perfect spot to stash your sponges, scrubbies, and brushes.

Knife Insert & Cutlery Tray

Knife and Cutlery Drawer

A handy accessory to organizer and safely store knives and cutlery.

Drawer Liner & Spice Insert

Drawer Liner & Spice Insert

This liner helps to keep noisy items in place.

Drawer Organizer Tray

Drawer Organizer Tray

Keeps all your tableware neat & tidy.

Pull-Out Storage

Pull-Out Base Storage

This skinny cabinet pulls out to give full access to everything stored within!

Pull-Out Canister Organizer

Canister Pull-Out

Handy base kitchen cabinet with adjustable top shelf for utensil organization with bonus shelf for dry goods storage.

Canister & Knife Block

Base cabinet pulls out to reveal a shelf, canister storage, and a knife block.

Pots & Pans Organizer

Pots Pans Org

The perfect kitchen cabinet to neatly store all your cookware.

Corner Pull-Out Storage

No more bending and reaching! Corner cabinet items come to you on these clever pull-out shelves.